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Mistrà by Varnelli

Mistrà by Varnelli

Pimpinella Anisum, also known as aniseed, is an aromatic plant well known and beloved for its fresh taste and its medicinal virtues.It was used at the time of ancient Egyptian and Babylonians , it was praised by Hippocrates, and quoted by Plinius and Pythagoras.There is enough evidence of its being well known. Its secret is the taste it acquires when it is left to ferment with alcohol and is then carefully processed.This is also what makes Mistrà good. It is a liquor with medium alcohol content that is rich in medical virtues. Its name probably derives from “Misithra” a Byzantine city or from “mischia” (in English mixture) because it is mixed with water.


Mistrà is to be sipped slowly, after an espresso ( in that case it is called “ammazzacaffè). Its delicate aroma positively enriches cakes and biscuits dough, and it makes it deeply refreshing especially if it is mixed with some ice cubealso delicious on ice-cream.It helps digestion after meals, with a piece of crumbly paste cheese like pecorino or an almond biscuit to be eaten with. Varnelli distillery guarantees an hand made processing this is why you will be able to enjoy the genuine Mistrà, the one that in Marche is called “Varnelli”.Add it to cold water or grape fruit or orange juice to get an effective thirst-quencher; it is also suitable as an aperitif.


Distilleria Varnelli S.p.A." is a family Company with a very long tradition. It has been producing bitters and liqueurs since 1868, and its aim has always been to offer top quality products and excellent customer service. In order to meet these objectives the Company, that has eventually become a real industry, still uses its original craftsman-like production methods and constantly invests in innovation as regards packaging, communication, business organization and, more in general, all the processes that are related to business management.

Ingredients: alcohol, sugar, distillate of aniseed
Volume: 46%
unit 0.500 lt
price €15.00