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Dorico by Moroder

Dorico by Moroder

 DORICO has been prized with three Glasses Award” from the Gambero Rosso and among the 100 “Top Wines” of the GamberoRosso ( American edition). In 1997 edition of the Italian Wine Experts Association Guide receivingthe “ Five Clusters Award”.


The patient work in the vineyards, a rigid selection of the grapes and a correct use of the wood gives a distinct personality to this precious Reserve: Dorico. It is a robust wine, and it is able to satisfy even the most demanding palates. It was awarded by the DOC recognition. Only the Montepulciano grape quality, cultivated by Moroder on the hills around Varano, is used to make this wine. The sunny estate is a short way from Mount Conero that overlooks the sea between Ancona and the Portonovo bay. The output per hectare is deliberately kept low (around 60-70 hundred kilos). The vines are in fact pruned an thinned out during the summer. The soaking of the must with the grape dregs takes place at controlled temperature for fifteen days. Fermentation takes place next(for about 30 days) and then the wine is left to refine. Part of the wine is put in French and Slavonia oak casks and the remaining in Allier barrels. Unification, clarifying and stabilization and bottling are followed by a further refining in bottles that lasts at least six-eight months.



Dorico boasts a red ruby colour almost pomegranate. The fragrance reminds of summer ripe fruit, but also of tobacco, vanilla and nutmeg. It offers a sapid, dense and supple feeling to the palate and a strong bouquet that improves with ageing. It is able in fact to give more and more intense notes with the passing of time. This red wine exalts Marche culinary tradition. It is ideal with red meat, lamb and game. It also goes well with very flavoured dishes such as stuffed egg pasta or “tagliolini” with wild boar ragu, and potato gnocchi with duck seasoning. There is also who advice for fish matching, but naturally with the most savoury versions.



Just an other thing: Dorico is bottled only in the best vintages, when the quality level is far above the average. Otherwise we wouldn’t call it a Riserva!


Vintage: 2004
Vines: 100% Montepulciano
unit 0.75 lt
price €21.00