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Vigna Messieri by Cocci Grifoni

Vigna Messieri by Cocci Grifoni

The precious Montepulciano and San Giovese grapes varieties create a superior Rosso Piceno Doc in San Savino di Ripatransone, in the South of Marche. 

Vigna Messieri by Cocci Grifoni home business is a robust red wine. Its full bodied and round intense taste is improved by a careful processing, ending in fermentation in oak barrels. 

The intense red colour, with pomegranate shades acquires orange nuances with ageing. Ageing that does much good to this robust and reliable wine. 

The fragrance results fruity, but soon gets flowery, almost ephemeral. The taste is dry and sapid, pleasantly tannic, perfectly built, in short. Its intensity reminds of dark fruit(plums, sour black cherries, carrube) reaching in the final notes the pleasant bitter taste of liquorice roots. 

All the typical local dishes go well with Vigna Messieri. The alcoholic content (14%) suggests very flavoured pasta dishes such as meat “ravioli”, “strangozzi” with duck ragù seasoning and “cannelloni”. 

This wine is also ideal with game and red meat, but it is also right the choice to have it with well seasoned cheese, like ash seasoned pecorino cheese, maybe strengthen by a spoon of Sapa (typical must syrup). And if what you want is just a snack while chatting with your friends, some walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts will be more than enough

Vintage: 2004
Vines: Montepulciano 70%, Sangiovese 30%
unit 0.75 lt
price €13.50