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Falerio by Cocci Grifoni

Falerio by Cocci Grifoni

Many years ago people used to say that whites were wines for women. This Falerio DOC is much more than that because it is actually made by two women, Marilena e Paola Cocci Grifoni. This is the time when quality prevails on prejudices and this is why wines are excellent.

After a cross-examination consisting in mere tasting the harmonic melange made of Trubbiano (Tuscany vine), Offida Passerina (two autochthonous vine nowadays more and more appreciated by connoisseurs) you will be able to judge by yourself. The supple taste leaves way to dry and fresh notes that are also pleasantly bitter.

The fragrance reminds of the delicate apples, hawthorn, peach and acacia. The light yellow colour with greenish shades is intensified especially in early harvests. Falerio is to be served cool, at a temperature of about 14°C. It can be matched with every local dish be it fish or meat starting from “olive Ascolane” and going on with fish starters and assorted canapés: some grilled “Casciotta di Urbino served with fig jam, or some ciauscolo and black olives. It goes also well with delicate paste dishes, say egg tagliolini with white truffle or ravioli with spinach and ricotta. Falerio well matches also sea preparations, from fish soup or fried fish. Just some salad needed and lunch is ready!

Vines: Pecorino, Passerina, Verdicchio, Trebbiano Toscano
unit 0.75 lt
price €7.50