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Cumaro by Umani Ronchi

Cumaro by Umani Ronchi

 A wine dedicated to the ancient Greeks, founders of Ancona (Angon, referred to the elbow shape the inlet in which it is situated describes. Cumaro is infact the Greek name for the Mount Conero, that protects the city on the south. It seems that the first attempts to make a fragrant and full bodied wine were made right there. That wine is now called “Rosso Conero” and it is protected by the DOC certification. Cumaro is produced with just one quality of grapes: Montepulciano. They are grown in the Osimo area at about 200 m above sea level. Processing is complex and slow: this is in fact the only way to get the best results. The grapes are hand harvested so that the imperfect fruit are thrown away. The alcoholic fermentation in contact with the dregs lasts 10-12 days, at a temperature of 27°C. Malo-lactic fermentation at controlled temperature happens next. The first ageing stage takes place in Allier et Tronçais wood barrels for about six months. A further refining is undertaken in bottles in locals at controlled temperature, for up to seven months. It is then ready to wait for you with its alcoholic content of 13.5° and irresistible aroma. For an important dinner, or, at least, a tasty one we advice savoury dishes such as beans and peas soups or pasta with meat seasonings, or grilled and roasted meat, game, enriched with truffle, mushrooms and spices.

If you just want some easy snack you can opt for assorted cheese and some spelt or black or rosemary bread for an original match. Try with some slices of Casciotta d’Urbino with honey or fossa pecorino cheese seasoned with aromatic herbs. Accompanied with some wild plum jam and a fresh bunch of grapes. The perfect glass to fully enjoy all the characteristics of this wine must be wide to leave large breathing space. It is to be served at room temperature (18°).

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