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San Lorenzo by Umani Ronchi

San Lorenzo by Umani Ronchi

 This red wine is a fragrant speciality that makes Umani Ronchi proud. San Lorenzo, Rosso Conero DOC, is made with 100% Montepulciano grape quality. The vines that produce them are famous in adoptive Marche. The intense ruby colour and the pomegranate shades are just an anticipation, together with the cherry and currant fragrance, to the sapid and full bodied taste and to the bitter aftertaste. The grapes are hand harvested in the San Lorenzo estate. It extends on 15 ha of beauty

and harmony where the grapes are carefully followed. The soaking with the grapes dregs lasts ten-fifteen days at a temperature of 27°C. Malo-lactic fermentation takes place straight after the must is ready. The juice is then put into wood barrels to refine, and it’s kept there for up to 18 months. After being bottled it is left to rest for other 6 months. This is how the taste impact and the round tanning warmth are reached to offer an excellent wine perfect also for gastronomy specialities.

It is in fact an useful alley when making risotto or marinated meat. It is perfect to accompany all the local specialities: egg pasta with meat ragu and peas, game, “cappellacci” covered with melted fossa pecorino cheese and cotolette with truffle(white meat covered in bread crumbs and fried with olive oil).

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