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Pelago by Umani Ronchi

Pelago by Umani Ronchi

If you love the gentle hills and the sweet scented woods of Marche , you will love this wine that encloses in itself all the beauties of its region, even in its name. It comes in fact from the Greek word for “sea”: pelagos. Umani Ronchi vineyards, on the green hills of Moie, are a short way from Ancona coastline. There this melange of local grapes is produced following the traditional method, with delicate pressing. Marche rosso IGT is in fact composed of Cabernet Sauvignon (45%), Montepulciano (45%) and Merlot (10%). The resulting wine is fresh and harmonic. It is perfect with nutritious winter dishes like “risotto with mushroom”, “tagliolini and truffle”, “braised  meat”, and potatoes soufflé. If what you want is a quick snack, the match with seasoned and no cheese, and typical local salami ( Carpegna ham, ciauscolo, lonza) is also pleasant.

In the glass the ruby and amaranth shades of Pelago shine pleasantly. The herbaceous taste of Cabernet Sauvignon and the fruity Montepulciano melt in harmony with the sweet notes of wood. The robust taste, typical of ripe red grapes, has fruity notes of currant and wild apple. The aftertaste is slightly bitter. The alcoholic content is important but pleasant (13.5%). Pelago is to be served always at room temperature, after having had breathing time in a jug. It is to be poured in wide glasses to leave the fragrance evaporate.

Vines: Cabernet Sauvignon 50% - Montepulciano 40% - Merlot 10%
Vintage: 2005
unit 0.75 lt
price €40.00