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Lacrima di Morro d'Alba by Mancinelli

Lacrima di Morro d'Alba by Mancinelli



Lacrima di Morro D’alba is an autochthon vine, awarded with the Doc recognition. It is produced by Mancinelli business in its 52 ha of estates. They are located ten kilometres from Ancona coast line and boast a sunny exposure refreshed by the marine breeze that blows from the sea.
Mancinelli doesn’t hand down to anybody the care of its grapes. The production is limited both by the winter pruning and by a following thinning out of the fruit. 
This allows an improvement in the quality of the grapes. Wine making is carried out according to traditional methods. It starts with a red vinification and fermentation at controlled temperature follows.
Lacrima presents a beautiful ruby red colour, now and then enriched by violet nuances. It has a robust taste, but fresh and low in bitter tannic notes. Its nose is flowery: first rose scent seem to appear, to leave then space to the more delicate notes of black fruit. It is perfect with barbeque or braised beef, game and seasoned cheese such as fossa seasoned pecorino. 
It goes well with well structured pasta dishes: vincisgrassi, egg tagliolini with meat ragù or cappelletti. These dishes are delightfully made in the small village of Morro d’Alba. It has a wonderful fortress with external walk and inside a beautiful tree lined square. There in May shepherds sing serenades in a suggestive historic revocation.


Vines: 100% Lacrima di Morro d'Alba
Vintage: 2007
unit 0.75 lt
price €8.50