Paradise Possible

Meet the team


Paradise Possible is not an organization like any other.  It's neither pyramid-shaped nor flat.  It has more members outside than inside.  It's completely fluid and gathers around projects and customers, each time combining the expertise and the resources required by that project or that customer.  And all projects and customers are different, as different are their dreams and what they seek in Le Marche.

Paradise Possible is a virtual network of competences, experts and suppliers, with at its centre a core team that manages the website and its services, handles the requests from visitors, customers and investors, and ensures their satisfaction, by making available and co-ordinating the best resources from the network itself.

The Management Team

Grazia Grazi
Editor - Paradise Possible
Born as an all-round artist, especially in communication, Grazia abandoned test tubes, permanganate, and all that stuff of her industrial chemist days, to expand her knowledge of the treasures and cultural heritage of her land, and take it to the world. She translates the best of Le Marche and of its people's creativity into positive and genuine pieces of communication, all designed and assembled to provide a full picture of this "paradise possible", where all dreams come true.
Within the team, she likes to call herself "l'operaia" (the worker), being the one who "does the work" wherever there is a need to put together people and resources, persuade and get agreements, pull strings and give instructions, in order to make things happen for each and every visitor of the website, so that the promise of a paradise possible in Le Marche is kept to. And this is always the case...
She lives in Le Marche, but she's nomadic by passion.
The Editor's comments: -  Being passionate about communication, she replies to all who ask how to reach their own paradise, but she's still waiting to hear from the ones who have reached it...

Giuliano Gnagnatti    
Chairman &  Group MD - Liberation Ventures Ltd
Milanese by birth and marchigiano by passion, Giuliano spent his "other" life on a mission to make domestic appliance brands made in Le Marche famous in Europe. It was then that he realized that Le Marche, the region he loved, was completely unknown outside Italy. Later on, having witnessed the early days of the Internet in the US, he came up with this ambitious idea of making that unknown sliver of land a desirable destination for discerning travellers, and for dreamers seeking to reinvent their lives. Born to bring the world to Le Marche, Paradise Possible was a new territory marketing model and a "territory brand" in one. More recently, he started up its complementary model, Marche UK, to take this time the region and its excellences to the world. It is currently focused on food & wine and the UK market, but Giuliano - you bet - is already envisaging a Marche Deutschland, Marche France, Marche España...
The Editor's comments: All of us, when we listen to him, want to join the adventure; but we all know that the paradise we promise won't be enough to make our own life...possible.

Daniela Giardinieri
Business Development
Officially, Daniela is a qualified economist, however her eclecticism and vivacity have drawn her to tourism.
Daniela is Paradise Possible's researcher, her task is to recognise the passions of our visitors and with this in mind, organize unusual, original and authentic itineraries for all those wishing to discover the joys of the region through new eyes.
She has two firm convictions: firstly that those who are curious will discover the beauty and extraordinariness in every place, and secondly that an emotion which isn't shared has only half the joy.
Daniela finds joy and beauty every day, whether it be far away of just a few steps from her front door.
She hopes that travelers will take away with them a rich array of images, ideas and discoveries to treasure and remember for ever.
Daniela works and live in Le Marche.




Our Partners


Francesco Ripa
Media Consultant & Copywriter
Possessing strong communication qualities combined with a love of books, Francesco is Paradise Possible's copywriter.
He graduated in arts and is a Bachelor in Italian research from the University of Rome Tor Vergata.
He is also a professional actor. He has had literary reviews published and has worked with various magazines and websites.
His role in Paradise Possible is to edit the newly formed 4 blog and to manage the social network, his aim is to keep a constant awareness of the visitors needs and in doing so by can communicate directly and from the heart.
For Francesco, an efficient communication is one which passes on the message of humanity and so he also manages the Real Lives section which first and foremost relates the qualities of mankind, details their hands, eyes, ideas and courage before the factual details.
It's peoples' stories which interest Francesco aboveall, stories of people who have it in themselves to make their dream come true.

Francesca Ballarini
Art Director - Paradise Possible Communication
A graduate in Communication and Visual Art at ISIA, Urbino, Francesca does professional photography & design for companies and public bodies in the tourism sector, with a vocation for landscape and enogastronomy.
She's specialized in food reportage and still-life photography in real settings. She sets out on journeys to discover and capture live images of the territory and the producers of excellence in food & wine.
Within the Paradise Possible team, she looks after the photography, illustration and graphic design and body copy of all catalogues and promotional material, makes sure that paradise stays possible.
She's photographer, illustrator and designer for national and international publishers.


Rachel Stansfield
The official translator of Paradise Possible

Rachel Stansfield graduated in law and went on to study to become a solicitor. Before qualifying she decided to spend some time in Andalucia in Spain. Whilst there she came across an article in Conde Nast about Le Marche and was immediately drawn by its unspoilt beauty. She booked a flight with her partner Simon and his parents. They stayed at La Distesa B&B and saw a quaint little cottage on the same road with a for sale sign in the window. After a few hours of negotiations with the owners, the deal was sealed and Simon's parents had bought themselves a house in Italy. 
Simon and Rachel moved over to Le Marche three months later in April 2003. Simon set up a successful garden and pool business which he runs today and Rachel teaches English to local students and is also a translator for Paradise Possible. They are now restoring their own house in Le Marche and bringing up their two children who were both born here. Being a solicitor couldn't be further from her mind.
Gemma Brown
The Official Translator of Paradise Possible Communication

Gemma was always the “little English girl” to her Italian friends in Verona, where she spent a year living and working. Now she is a foreigner once again, but just one among many in her current home of Brussels, Belgium. Her Nonna, born in Fossalto (province ofCampobasso) was Italian through and through and passed down- via la Mamma of course- a passion for the Italian language, culture and cuisine!
After studying an MA in Conference Interpreting and Translation at the University of Bath, England, she moved to Belgium for work, love and the quest for new horizons. She is fascinated by the beauty and tradition of the regions of central Italy, and harbours a desire to return to Nonna Nina’s home village, as well as to discover new parts of Italy.



Emma Davson 
The official translator of Paradise Possible Communication

Emma is studying for a BA in French and Italian at University College London, and is currently living in Naples as part of her year abroad. When she’s not busy teaching English, studying or translating, she uses her time to explore the rest of Italy. Translating for Paradise Possible has infected her with the desire to come north and discover the delights of Le Marche for herself!



Josh Branson 
The official translator of Paradise Possible Communication

Josh has a real enthusiasm for learning languages. He believes that speaking a language can open doors into the world of its speakers, into their homes, and in Josh’s experience of Italy, into their kitchens!
A longing to communicate with people from other cultures led Josh to study languages and it was this passion that initially attracted him to Italy. After studying at La Sapienza University in Rome, in 2009 he graduated in Modern Languages and European Studies from the University of Bath. He now works as a freelance translator and although he is based in the UK, as he reads about the wonders of Le Marche on a daily basis, he is itching to return to Italy.