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There are those who say that words are like stones, I say that words are like flowers, at least they are here at Paradise Possible.

The fertile soil of our blog is ready to bloom, it’s just awaiting its gardeners - its readers. However, we’re not talking about an ordered greenhouse, here the plants aren’t grouped by species and there’s no barrier between us and the sky.

In the Paradise Possible blog, we can all return to the days of our childhood, ready to plant a seed wherever we feel, just following our instinct, driven only by the desire to contribute to life with our very own hands and without a thought for formalities. Nature allows us to be carefree and children have the purity to understand this instinctively.

This is the spirit of our herb garden blog, one that is ready to grow into a garden and maybe one day become an infinite field, your words and suggestions are the seeds, your emotions will nourish it and help it to grow.

So here’s a suggestion: from now until March 21, the spring solstice, plant lots of seeds, or leave a comment or two under each of the four sections of our blogs (Passions & Places - The magazine, Where to Stay - The magazine, Country homes - The magazine, Food & Wine - The magazine). On that date, four of the many seeds/comments which have been scattered throughout our land and thus becoming the first flowers of the season, will be extracted and the lucky green fingers will win a Quadrikend (4 days /3 nights) for two people to stay in one of the beautiful B & Bs on the Paradise Possible Network. If you want to win, don't forget to leave your e-mail before comment!

So what are you waiting for? You don’t need any gardening tools, the earth here at Paradise Possible is soft, you can dive straight in with your bare hands if you like. Bring out the child within you.

You can choose a break... 


in a charming mansion

Riserva Privata San Settimio


on Verdicchio hills

Il Cantinone B&B and Holiday Apartment


in the arms of wellness

Borgo Lanciano Relais 


where the bald eagle lives

B&B Fonte Fresca


at cooking school

Agriturismo La Tavola Marche 


near a golf course

Il Casale di Giulia Relais


in a place of good tastes

Country House Vittoria Il Graditempo 


in an old house with a restaurant

Gocce di Camarzano


 where organic farming is a way of life

Agriturismo MES 


where the sea is the view from the hills

Valcastagno Relais e Residence