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If it is true that behind every great man is a great woman, it is equally true that behind every welcoming, well-kept and efficiently run B&B is a great woman. Great women carry beauty with them, they can do anything they truly want. You may ask yourselves why I’m offering such a premise and it’s simply because there’s no other introduction I can give to Patrizia Balducci, owner of the Gocce di Camarzano B&B in Moscano, Fabriano. Not only is she the charming owner of the B&B but is also well known locally as a ‘naif’ painter.

I had the good fortune to meet Patrizia at the opening of “Oltre la neve”, ("Beyond the snow"), her first exhibition which opened 15th January at the Palazzo dei Convegni in Jesi and which runs until the 30th of this month. It's incredibly amazing how individuals can sometimes overwhelm you with their humanity. I’m not sure how Patrizia would feel if she knew that it was her personality that struck me even more than her works. Don’t get me wrong, her works are beautiful, honest and clear, I wouldn’t expect anything less, yet Patrizia’s character is far stronger than her art. Her bright yet timid eyes, the way in which her right hand, emotionally gripped the index and middle fingers of her left hand during her improvised opening speech (the 'moment of my fear" as she described it), the way in which her feet are in constant motion, swinging: she reminded me of a child, proud of a beautiful picture they’d done, but in hiding behind their mother’s skirt, modest and in fear of compliments.


It was such natural genuineness that moved me, and it’s this authenticity that can be felt at Gocce di Camarzano. It’s a curious act of destiny that in 1600 the house was owned by an aristocrat, the Marquis of Camarzano, and that years later, a woman should buy it with the sole intention of transforming it into a farm (50 hectares). If you had seen her works, you would understand where the vivid and brilliant Patrizia draws her inspiration. It can be seen around the farmhouse, in the changing seasons, the sunflowers (as can be seen on one of her pictures which hangs on the wall in the beautiful home of Maggie Brew, a friend of Patrizia, whose story is told in Country Homes Blog), in the wheat, sorghum and the patchwork of beautiful fruit trees. Every now and then the farm animals interrupt the perfect silence that reigns over the sloping terrain on which Gocce di Camarzano is built.

Patrizia is not an ordinary woman; in addition to the six brightly coloured bedrooms, each with their own beautiful fireplace, the house also offers a delightful library and cosy reading room which is located in the part of the house which in winter is host to exhibitions (the barn being used in summer). In short, the house combines the perfect balance of sobriety and artistic inspiration.


A talent that Patrizia expresses everywhere: from the embroidered tablecloths to the elegantly written menus. All that remains, takes on a perfect coherence, from the air one breathes at Gocce di Camarzano to the feelings that artist evokes with her works: according to curator Simona Cardinali, even her works that present more turbulent images actually want to transfer a sense of peace, in which the privacy of the individual, is drawn to, completely captivated, losing themselves and gaining a sense of calm. Even the most minute pictorial elements which recur on her paintings reflect Patrizia’s 'symphony of hospitality' perfectly: open arms and hands, outstretched to the world around, represented by the lush nature or the individual. Everything in her, in her paintings, in her house, communicates and is generous of itself. All that remains is to wish future visitors to Patrizia’s B& B, as Balducci said, nervously biting his lips, having been dismissed by the guests of his exhibition: “Buone sensazioni a tutti!” - "Good feeling to all."


The Paradise Trotter

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Re: Drops of paradise

Speriamo di vincere!!!
grazie per l'opportunità, è tutto molto bello qui!


By PIgi on   03/02/2011

Re: Drops of paradise

splendido: natura ed arte.

By Nicoletta Conti on   03/02/2011

Re: Drops of paradise

Beh, incrociamo le dita: il posto è proprio splendido!

By silvio falciatori on   03/02/2011

Re: Drops of paradise

woow!! che bello! :)
spero in un colpo di fortuna :P

By Francesca Campanelli on   03/02/2011

Re: Drops of paradise

che meravigliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

By annalisa on   03/02/2011

Re: Drops of paradise

Le Marche...le scoprirai all'infinito!

By Luca Angeloni on   04/02/2011

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