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'Oh Happy Way!' contest 2012



Paradise Possible presents our ‘Oh Happy Way’ Contest 2012, the new competition in which you can win a stay (three days/two nights) at one of the most beautiful properties in our network! How? Read the first part of the story below:

Once upon a time, there were two friends that one day, in a far away yet nearby place, lay down beneath a beech tree whilst discussing what happiness was. One of them, after a while, was to come to a decision. Their names were Wiki and Para. Wiki was a very generous and cultured fellow who would teach Para everything he knew. Para on the other hand was a dreamer; he liked to travel, with the body and also the mind, and he was convinced that every adventure was worth sharing. They got along splendidly, Wiki and Para, and very often they would start singing together, just as they had that afternoon on a winter’s yet summer’s day.

All of a sudden, with a solemn and definitive aptitude, Wiki said: “Singing is the emission, through the voice, of sounds ordered by rhythm and pitch to form a melody. A group of individuals that sing together (which in this case even the singers would say) form a chorus.” And Para, who was the younger of the two and always full of enthusiasm, commented: “Then singing is very similar to the way in which I view a journey, because I order it according to my passions and I am happiest if I can share it with someone to form a sort of travelling chorus!” Wiki, benevolent, replied: “You should know, in fact, that popular wisdom attributes a salvific power to singing and connects it directly to happiness. Think about the saying ‘Sing and it shall pass!’ “ So Para, struck by the idea, said: “I will write a song, putting together the pieces that we sing and adding to them more passion, for sometimes you are too rational, and I will call it ‘Oh Happy Way!’ because I want to roam around telling the world where I come from and how it is full of beauty, so much so that the only word to describe it is ‘infinite’! However, I want people to be free to find their own way of travelling there and that this way be magnificent. Their happiness will be my objective!”

How would you continue? We need your help.

From 21 December (Winter Solstice) until 21 March (Spring Equinox), the posts that are shared on the four Paradise Possible blogs will be affiliated with the competition (a specific banner will remind you) and they will contain a list of suggestions at the bottom of the page:

- Every post on the Passions and Places blog will introduce a different selection of itineraries.

- Every post on the Where to Stay blog will propose a new shortlist of welcoming places from those present in our database,

- Every post on the Country Homes blog will introduce a new group of properties for sale.

- Every post on the Food and Wine blog will propose a different series of farms amongst those present in our shop.

What we are asking of you is that you give us your opinion in order to complete the story of our friend Para, who wants to make you all happy. He and we alike want to carefully choose the building blocks that will pave your Happy Way to a possible paradise. How?

Read a post, browse through the suggestions that are connected to this, choose three of them that you like and leave a comment indicating this underneath the post. To increase your chances of winning you can comment on as many posts as you like in each of our blogs. However, obviously, under each post you may leave only one comment with your preference. And don’t forget to leave an email address before commenting; otherwise we won’t be able to contact you if you win!

At the end of winter, when the Happy Way towards the spring will be already underway, we will draw a comment from each of the blogs and four lucky people will win a stay of three days and two nights with Paradise Possible’s best residence!

Don’t hesitate to take the first step on your Happy Way. Good luck!