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Pinacoteca Civica

La Pinacoteca Civica di Jesi
A jewel set in the heart of the city

The Pinacoteca Civica of Jesi is hosted in Pianetti Palace, a wonderful and important example of the rococò style. 

The Pinacoteca can boast a Gallery that is unique in Central Italy. The Palace dates back to XVIII century. 

It is a masterpiece itself. It is embellished by wonderful stuccoes and frescoes. Along the Gallery (78m long) the stuccoes represent the four seasons, the four life elements, the four continents known at the time they were made and the Arts. 

The rooms where the pieces of Art are on show are frescoed with Enea story. This is the main floor of the Palace where several Le Marche paintings are kept,
Lorenzo Lotto Collection (1512-1535) for example. 

collection of Modern and Contemporary Art is instead on show at another floor of the palace. The collection counts pieces of art dating back to the second half of the nineteenth century onwards. They have been donated to the Pinacoteca. 

The most conspicuous donation is the one made by
Orfeo Tamburi a painter from Jesi.

The main reason visitors from all over Europe go to see the Pinacoteca is The Lorenzo Lotto Collection. On the 450°Anniversary of Lorenzo Lotto death an international meeting was organized “Lorenzo Lotto and Le Marche. 

A geography of the soul
”. A ticket can be bought to visit several Pinacotecas in Le Marche where other works by Lorenzo Lotto are on show (Ancona, Jesi, Loreto e Recanati).

The Manager of the Pinacoteca, Dott.ssa Loretta Mozzoni, is very pleased as the Art gallery has a great number of visitors that even come from a distance to admire the works of art on show there. 

The Pinacoteca also organizes Artistic-Enologic tours based on the visitors’ wishes. 

The union of culture and oenology in fact is really attractive for people interested in arts but that also appreciate delicious wine tasting. 

These tours are made possible by the collaboration of the
Regional Wine-house (Enoteca Regionale) .

Shows, plays and music exhibitions will be organized in 2010 in occasion of the anniversary of two artists from Jesi: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (1710) and Orfeo Tamburi (1910).

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