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"Indovina chi suona a cena"

“Guess who is playing for dinner”...
jazz and gastronomy at 180°gradi  in Fermo

TOMORROW NIGHT 180°gradi jazz music with Trio Silvia Manco (piano&voice), Stefano Nunzi (double bass) and Andrea Nunzi (drums)”.

I have been texted by a special place “the baker’s that transform” as written on the business cards – that opened in Fermo at the beginning of 2007. It is called 180°gradi. Una cotta per il pane. I had already been there, so I didn’t hesitate to confirm my booking at once. It was a special occasion too. It was ““Guess who is playing for dinner”  closing night and the trio Silvia Manco and Nunzi brothers was playing jazz. 

Talented young musicians fill the air with swing while a rich menu of delicious specialities is served for dinner. They are appealing both in flavour and in the way they are presented. People just sit there staring at the beauty of the dish before daring to ruin that piece of Art with a fork.

That night at the end of July was perfect. The cosy atmosphere of the place, the candle lit room and bottles of wine whose necks were covered in melted wax were beautifully framed by a temporary Arts show with painting and pictures by ContempoPreziotti Artistic Movement...

The main course is served accompanied by vibrating touches on the piano by Siliva Manco, some double bass notes (Stefano Nunzi) supported in rhythm and balance by the drums (Andrea Nunzi).

Courgette rolls were served on a dish covered in tomato sauce crowned by some fried onions. At first it seems natural to try to detect any single ingredient, understand the flavours... their perfect balance though, helps in fully committing to the enjoyment of their tasting. 

A nest of pasta with olive oil was then served. A ricotta cheese dressing and a sugar coated peach are to be tasted slowly, to appreciate the way they melt in the mouth.

When the rhythm and Silvia Manco voice start to make the night more involving, then also the dinner presents stronger flavours. Millesfoglie al pesto does look like a plain lasagna. When you cut it with the fork, the aubergine and scamorza cheese filling reveals itself. The beauty of the dishes never prevails on their flavour....

A nice glass of Verdicchio helps better appreciating the dishes and even new tastes such as cold chicken salad  with lemon and yoghurt liquid dressing. The chicken is carefully cut in slices and the dressing is served on a bowl... it is perfect to let some drops dress the meat.

All the dishes are characterized by colour choreographies and consistencies in contrast such as the crispy almond wafer that accompanies the soft and creamy Blackberry mousse.

Stefano Nunzi plays his instrument in a pulsating solo. He looks absorbed, then his brother’s drums increase the rhythm and all the eyes are for him and the energy he excites.

Alessandra Alessiani
for Paradise Possible


Courgette rolls with fresh tomato sauce
Pasta nest with olive oil, ricotta cheese dressing and sugar coated fruit
Millesfoglie and aubergine, pesto and scamorza cheese filling
Cold chicken salad and yoghurt dressing
Mousse 180 gradi
Prosecco Verdicchio and Spumante

180°gradi. Una cotta per il pane
Baker’s – Confectioner’s - Restaurant – Bar
Via Montani, 10/12
63023 Fermo
Tel+39  0734.600710

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