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Pane Nostrum

International Bread Festival
20 . 21 . 22 . 23 September 2007
Rocca Roveresca - Piazza del Duca - Piazza Manni - Foro Annonario

"I would advice not to bake bread; it may become a dangerous passion.
Bread like poetry is a quite melancholy vocation, that especially requires some spare time for the soul.
The poet and the baker are brothers in their fundamental task of nourishing men."
                                                [by “Afrodita”, Isabel Allende]

The International Bread Festival in Senigallia has arrived at its VII edition. A lot of visitors are every year attracted around Roveresca Fortress by the sweet smell of scented loaves of bread, cottage buns and sweet doughnuts whose receipts come from all over Europe.

The Rovere Dukes Fortress, Piazza del Duca, Piazza Manni and Foro Annonario are turned into huge bakeries for four days from mid September onwards. The large baking-pans are then brought to a stall close by to be sold. 

The scent that follows this transfer is enchanting. On the stall there are large basket filled with a lot of varieties of golden crust bread. There are different versions available from the ones covered in sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, poppy or flax seeds depending on the place the baker comes from; to the loaves made with Soya or spelt or rye, beer or Parmesan Cheese (whose scent is irresistible). 

These are just a few of the different version, but you will also find the most traditional local receipts such as the filone marchigiano, that is made of organic flour knead with acid yeast and no salt. It is much appreciated for its genuine country flavour.

Sweet cinnamon and raising rolls are made by German bakers, soft croissant by French bakers, “maritozzi” and must doughnuts were anciently made by the Le Marche women at home, and now can be tasted at the Bread Festival. A lot of people taste  pizza coi grascelli  in order to discover a traditional local taste. It is a cottage bun made with dough and grascelli (pork meat).

The bakers working at the open-air oven are always willing to explain the receipts and passages to make those delicacies at home. People can be seen assiduously taking note of those precious secrets. 

Free courses for adults are held by expert bakers for people willing to learn how to make bread. Taste laboratories are held in collaboration with Slow Food. There people can gather a lot of useful suggestions to learn how to match different varieties of bread with cured meat, cheese and wine. 

Area Food at the lawn around the Fortress, is the place where to taste fantastic dishes made with clever combination of bread (even stale bread) and other ingredients by the young chefs
of Istituto Alberghiero Panzini di Senigallia
. [ Bread in Le Marche Region ]

Even younger find Pane Nostrum really enjoyable. They are in fact enchanted by the scented atmosphere and by the entertaining climate typical of town festivals. 

They are always on the first row in front of the bakers in order to get a piece of the just baked delicacies. There are also workshops in reserved areas, held by expert bakers to learn how to make bread.

Pane Nostrum is a festival meant to show people the work of those who contribute to bring in our homes the most genuine and healthy of all products and to make people discover traditions and secrets to make loaves and doughnuts. 

People are also induced to be more aware of what they eat and to always consider the ingredients products are made of and also of their nutritional values.

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International Bread Festival
20 -  21 - 22 -  23 September 2007
Rocca Roveresca - Piazza del Duca 
Piazza Manni - Foro Annonario

Le Marche





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