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Paese Presepe

Serra San Quirico as Presepio Village 

Serra San Quirico ancient town centre is the perfect background for the evocation of the most appreciated biblical scene : Nativity.

The mediaeval village is perfect thanks to the magic and unpretentious atmosphere. 

The alleys, rising and descending street of the town centre and all the brick buildings remind the Holy Land. 

Being aware of it the City Council together with the local parish and of some volunteers organize two characteristic and interesting events: “Mostra Cento presepi (one hundred presepi on show in the building once occupied by the hospital) and the more charming “Presepio sotto le Copertelle  

Both the events are known in Le Marche as “Presepio Village”.  
Presepio Village begins on 22nd December every year. Christman Carols, sang in the famous and charming Sant Elena Abbey, provide the music to the event.  

Since 1988 thousands of presepi have been  brought to Serra San Quirico from all over the county to drag the past back to light. 

They are characterized by the accuracy in showing the “traditional activities", the habits and professions of the people of the time that have been handed down for 2.000 years.    

Plastics and handcrafted statues reproduce the most typical pastoral life. They are the result of craftsmen ability and research. There couldn’t be better setting than the arches of Le Copertelle.

Sponsored by
Comune di Serra San Quirico


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