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Do you know what quilting is? The art of quilting, in short, consists of making cushioned covers from pieces of fabric, forming different kinds of patterns. To hold the pieces together, as you will have noticed, you need the cover to go across different stitchings, which also serve a decorative purpose. The final result is usually an enormous square made of fabric, which can represent a composite abstract image, or a kind of “pictorial” cycle that tells its own real story.

So, imagine that Le Marche is one huge quilt. And imagine that it is made up of lots of beautiful, little, geographical and urban entities, all unconnected to each other. Imagine, also, that a group of tailors joined forces to sew these pieces together and harmonise them into a marvellous, unique design to present at a fair.

Now, having clarified the objective, let’s start to assign the different parts: the fair in question is Art & Tourism, which was held in Florence last May; the tailors are the city of the Ancona, the province of Pesaro–Urbino and, obviously, Paradise Possible, all of whom have painted a new picture of the region through collaboration, communication and change. The final design was represented by the promoted events: the Festival of Happiness and the Rossini Opera Festival in the Pesaro–Urbino province, and the Adriatic–Mediterranean Festival and the Amo la Mole season in the city of Ancona, all of which were a huge success. When people are talented and they collaborate together, progress is possible. Always.

Now, don’t worry, all of these events take place every year, and you can find them in our quilt next summer; but seeing as all these events, which enhance both the city and the region in an articulate manner, are very popular, you should find yourselves one or two places to relax. These places are the famous stitchings that hold together the pieces of the design; they are the accommodation facilities selected by Paradise Possible. Here are a few of them in the Ancona area:

Hotel Il Giglio – This is the hotel in Corinaldo in which our satisfied winner of the “Le Marche, paradise possible” Quadrikend Prize stayed, presented as the prize by Paradise Possible at the Art & Tourism fair.

San Francesco Hotel – It’s a new four star entry from the Paradise Possible network, and it overlooks the landscape of Conero from the elevated Loreto.


Here are others in the Pesaro–Urbino area:

Villa Tombolina – Located in Montemaggiore al Metauro, it’s a finely restored eighteenth-century villa that overlooks an evocative valley.

Pieve del Colle Organic Farmhouse – No less than an educational farm to learn and understand nature’s life cycles, and to relax in the splendid Urbania area.


Obviously these are a few details of the marvellous quilt called Le Marche, a quilt ready to welcome you and tell you about its history. To discover all the others you have no option but to come and seek them out; you have no choice but do as the old women in the Californian countryside do: equip yourselves with a few litres of cold tea and prepare yourselves to sew new and exciting chapters of the quilt with us.


The Paradise Trotter

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