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Relais Villa Fornari

Choosing to visit the ancient churches found in the villages of the countryside of Le Marche and pausing at Relais Villa Fornari in the heart of Marche, allows one to make unique every experience and discovery in locations where the heart skips a beat whilst the betrothed share with each other – and together with loved ones and friends – this most important event.

In addition to the history and culture that Marche conveys, the reasons for choosing and organising wedding celebrations and honeymoons in the region’s most inviting and hospitable places include the beauty of its scenery, the quality of its food, the reception of its people, the quality of life and the happiness that is possible by planning it where everything is simple and when paradise is possible.

For the bride and groom and the guests that stay at Relais Villa Fornari before the ceremony, the hotel offers a taste of that possible paradise. In full contact with the nature that surrounds Relais Villa Fornari, they will be able to enjoy this perfect spot in a state of peaceful relaxation that is so necessary in order to prepare oneself for the big event.

The most evocative and beautiful churches close to Relais Villa Fornari are:

Chiesa di San Giusto in San Maroto di Pievebovigliana, built during medieval period of the 12th century with a circular layout, is one of the most important Romanesque monuments in Marche. 14km from the villa. A 20-minute journey.

Chiesa di San Filippo in the historic centre of Camerino dates back to 1590 and inside one will find the painting of The Virgin Appearing to St. Philip Neri by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. 5km from the villa. A 10-minute journey.

Chiesa SS Crocifisso in Piampalente, Camerino dates back to 1533, has a circular layout and was built after Christ’s lacrimation miracle in the pre-existing building. 2.5km from the villa. A 4-minute journey.

About Relais Villa Fornari

The service of an exquisite wedding reception at Relais Villa Fornari is aimed at couples that are in search of a unique and original celebration in typical Italian fashion for them, their relatives and their guests. With the attention to detail and the high quality of services on offer, it is aimed at lovers of beauty, couples that are sensitive to the nature and the atmosphere of warm familiarity and those who are looking for exciting experiences.


Why Choose Relais Villa Fornari

· The restaurant

· The availability of agreements with historical churches

· The management of transportation and arrangements

· The excellent professional experience

· The availability of transfer deals from Ancona Airport


How to Start Planning ‘Possible Happiness’ at Relais Villa Fornari

At least two visits are necessary prior the day of the wedding in order to ensure a smooth operation.

· The first visit for the engaged couple will be for three days (two nights) to check out the offer. On their arrival at the airport, a car will accompany them from Ancona Airport to the hotel. Upon arrival, the guests will be met with a welcome cocktail and will be checked into the Relais Suite. From 8pm dinner will be served in the restaurant and they will be able to try dishes from our tasting menu. The following day they will be taken on a guided tour of the city of Camerino and the churches mentioned above. Check-out will be on the third day and a car will take them to the airport for their return journey home.

· The second visit, again consisting three days (two nights), is necessary to work out the details of the wedding ceremony, in this case it will be conversations with church officials about the church, the signing of a contract and a confirmation agreement with the hotel.

The necessary time to organise everything is estimated at about a year. For example, if the date were 1 September 2013, the first visit would during September 2012, and the second would be a few months after (November or December 2012) for the confirmation.


The Ceremony at Relais Villa Fornari

The guests will stay for five days and four nights. They will be welcomed at Ancona Airport by a bus company called Contram Camerino Spa. They will be taken to Relais Villa Fornari for check-in and met with a welcome cocktail in the garden or the bar. Dinner that evening will be served in our restaurant. The following day, with the bus at their disposal, there will be a guided visit to the city of Camerino and lunch in the city centre.

Guests will be free in afternoon to roam around the city. The bus will return to Relais late afternoon and leave again for an evening meal in a nearby farmhouse.

The third day is the day of ceremony. A free morning in the villa with a hairdressing service for the ladies, followed by brunch, the departure by bus in the afternoon for the church and then the return to the villa for the wedding reception.

The fourth day consists of a free morning, an afternoon walk in the Sibilini Mountains and dinner at a pizzeria.

On the fifth day guests will check-out and depart by bus for Ancona Airport.

The Cost ‘Marrying in Italy’ at Relais Villa Fornari

The cost of the weekend will be € 350.00, including airport transfers to and from the villa, a two-night stay in the Suite with breakfast for two people and two evening tasting meals for two people (drinks are included).

The hiring of the bus for five days will be € 2500.00 which includes all arrangements mentioned.

The price per person for the group of guests is € 400.00 including four nights’ stay in the hotel. An evening meal, brunch and the wedding reception at Relais’ restaurant are included, as well as three meals in restaurants that have an agreement with the hotel.

Drinks for these three meals are not included in the price (it includes drinks for the wedding reception only).



Villa Fornari is a remarkable example of 18th century architecture. Home to Camerino’s noble families, including the Fornari family, the villa has recently been acquired by the Bottacchiari family who have transformed the property with great sensitivity and precision. Whilst recovering the ancient splendour, the villa has also maintained the elegance and the refinement of the noble residences.

The restaurant is refined, well lit and airy. The dishes prepared by the chef are small masterpieces and triumphs of flavours, served with attention and professionalism.

Outdoors there is the possibility of celebrating parties and banquets at the height of summer, whilst enjoying the professionalism of Relais’ services and the marvellous scenic setting.


All pics taken from www.villafornari.it

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