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13/07/2012  RssIcon

Abbiamo bisogno di una lama di luce
Josef Svoboda


The “arena” is still a unique reality in art where we can listen to the free singing of Carmen, Violetta and Mimi, and magically succumb to our every hope for the future.
"Carmen will never give way. Free she was born and free she will die!"
(Carmen, Carmen - G. Bizet, Act IV)
Macerata's Sferisterio Arena is Italy's best open-air theatre in terms of acoustics. And participating in the revolutionary 2012 season will be an exciting adventure that leads us to understand the soul and the passion that these places give off to all those that experience them.
"Smile on the yearning of the fallen woman, do; forgive her, and receive her, 0 God, with you!"
(Violetta, La Traviata - G.Verdi,  Act III, Scene IV)
Today's drama has nothing of the intimacy but rather the need to express the ideas, the talents and the art of a new generation that can save us from tomorrow's problems.
"I live alone, quite alone, There in my little white room, I look upon the roofs and heaven."
(Mimi, La Boheme - G. Puccini, Act I, Scene V)
In the mirror of this hope, we will be able to reflect our thoughts during the magical, star-studded nights in one of the 3,000 seats at the Sferisterio Arena, and in all the fringe venues where free singing soars, thus changing our vision of the future and making the realisation of awaited dreams possible because...
..." We are weary of becoming respectable youth, inevitably happy, or criminals, or neurotics: we want to laugh, to be innocent, to expect something from life, to ask, to remain in blissful ignorance.
We don’t want suddenly to be so secure.
We don’t want suddenly to be without dreams
P. P. Pasolini
The wrinkles of unhappiness are already too many centuries old and disguising them is no longer possible.
The free singing of Carmen, Violetta and Mimi is still young.
The white wings of their aspirations will help them fly out of the darkness of modern times, and their song will allow us to find the courage to recognise the correct path to take.

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CARMEN di Georges Bizet
22- 28 Luglio
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LA BOHEME di Giacomo Puccini
21 - 27 Luglio
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LA TRAVIATA di Giuseppe Verdi
20 - 29 Luglio
4 - 12 Agosto

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Macerata Opera Festival 2012, Sferisterio di Macerata

Carmen di Bizet

La Traviata di Verdi

Boheme di Puccini

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