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13/06/2012  RssIcon

lllustrations by Francesca Ballarini

The only paradises not forbidden to man are those that are lost.

Jorge Luis Borges

A man sets the task of reshaping the world. Spending years populates a space with images of provinces, kingdoms, mountains, bays, ships, on islands, fish, houses, tools, of stars, horses and people. It turns out, that this patient labyrinth of lines, the track and profile picture of a paradise as possible.
We love the philosophical conjecture where the world is an 'activity of the mind, a dream of the soul in the concreteness of human actions, out of everything that happens, ineffectively and without the respect of a social project as possible, by some actually in charge, as we see in history that we are experiencing now.
The solution is declared the action of love, of joy and thanksgiving had received, is the work of gratitude and valedizioni, of amazement that we live for eternity because everything happens for the first time, but ever so , is the earthly love and concretely Le Marche.
Certainly there is a relationship with the earth in the report of which do not enter the cement of love, and readers of Paradise Possible know that it also underlies its most intemperate and fantasized suggested routes through the pages of our magazine and the magic of The Suitcase of Dreams.
E 'with a certain melancholy that we find that all our time is dedicated to discovering the beauty, receptions, places to live and thinking about new ways to one or another area of paradise can be let through.
All this happens in a daily dusting of happiness that is renewed and the issues that we propose is amazing and as always fascinate the traveler. Our projects are the plot and the pages of Paradise Possible.
Millions of people traveling, that stop and go with a relentless enumeration which we perceive through their knowledge needs for a possible change. They move with apparent chaos elencatorio that acts as a shield to an order - cosmos - secret.
Happiness can now become a project and a praise in heaven can reach with our invitation to every traveler to participate in the gift of the events.
Please initiate the transparent and authentic diary vagabondar for cities, continents and possible havens, Le Marche, Mayo, Cumbria, Cornwall, ..., where we take, we invisible hand to give you the incredible fragrance of the roses of Paradise.
Who reads the words of magazines reinvent their own events with your comments and your participation.
The epic of a possible participation, praises the courage and will emerge during the trip with the thrill of discovery to places never seen and returning family tastes.
The unfathomable knowledge of the universe, which are the protagonists involved, we will confirm that happiness exists as risky side of life to undermine the wall of the suffering that embraces creation.
Only when man experiences love is reconciled with his fate because he can sublimate it to "... a total allusion to the one person no doubt." JLB
Paradise Possible aspires to convert las rosas - Happiness Possible - the rest of the universe by defining it in a place, a land, an ideal stopover for the traveler.

…Io que no es la rosa

Esta manana
hay en el aire la increible fragancia
De las rosas del Paradiso.

En un yuque forjan la espada
Que serà fiel a Sigurd.
Whitman canta en Manhattan.
Homero nace en siete ciudades.

Todo el pasado vulve como una ola
y esas antigas cosas recurren
porque una mujer te ha  besado.

Inno, J.L.B.

The Editor
February, 14, 2012  - Paradise Possible
© 2012 Copyright Liberation Ventures Ltd.


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