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In human language there is no proposition that doesn’t imply the entire universe.

J. L. Borges – The Aleph

You may have noticed that the first itineraries that we presented at the Paradise Party take their name from two words that begin with the letter A: Amore (Love) and Armonia (Harmony). Obviously, this doesn’t refer to destiny, it’s talking about a new pathway that naturally could only begin with the first letter of the alphabet. The letter A, as you know, has its origins in the Pheonician aleph, whose philosophic meaning - for Borges - is so important that it implies the entire universe: the aleph is the starting point to which everything returns and everything belongs.

Those of you who attended the Paradise Possible evenings already know that the use of words is very important to us, because through them we construct our world and change it for the better. Initial ideas that give shape to our itineraries are born out of this topic. They are not simply suggestions for journeys, but transverse messages sent to bring about a new way of thinking regarding our region: positive, shared, generous, but above all human.


For this reason, the first journeys that we wanted to present to you (at Casa Rastia B&B, 29 July) are the Amore Itineraries, because without fear of boring you, we are convinced that without love (whether from a parent, a child, a friend or a partner) life becomes crippled. And God only knows how difficult to travel when you’re relying on just one leg. The Amore Itineraries, organised along three different lines (Essential, Respiration, Respite) were born out of personal experiences and are an example of how sometimes certain places take on a significance and keep forever one of the many kinds of love that our existence offers us. Every one of us holds in our hearts a place ‘where love resides’ and those of you who were at the Paradise Party know exactly what I’m talking about. The three words that describe the itineraries form a sort of memorandum; they are loving pieces of advice that could be those of a grandmother. The first group of places (Essential) represents the substance of a past that should be understood and valued. The second group (Respiration) reminds us that we need to respect ourselves, that we have a body and that it’s an integral part of a complex system that is nature. The third group (Respite) represents the daily care we should devote to others, done with small gestures and apparently insignificant moments that are, in fact, vital.


The Armonia Itineraries, which the second of our evenings was dedicated to (at Borgo Lanciano Relais, 19 August), completed our discourse that had begun with Amore. The word harmony, as Riccardo Picciafuoco from Paesaggio Marche reminded us during the evening, comes from the Greek verb armozein which means to connect, to join, to be in agreement and therefore means proportion, balance and agreement amongst parties. The Armonia Itineraries rediscover places in Le Marche in which it’s possible to balance mind and body, man and nature, modernity and history. To find harmony means to restore the word wellbeing to the original sense of the word: an intimate and personal condition founded precisely on proportion, balance and agreement among parties. The three words that describe the itineraries (Relaxation, Charm, Movement) are like the three notes of a chord with your journey as the score. With the word Relaxation we recommend places where it’s possible to free yourself from space and time. Under the word Charm we’ve grouped together places that remind us of how beauty is often found in simultaneously miraculous and hidden locations. The word Movement denotes a series of places that evoke a stirring in the heart, the eyes and the limbs.

If you think the alphabet of Paradise Possible and the Suitcase of Dreams is well communicated, then you know that the Amore and Armonia Itineraries are not merely illusions. It’s possible to book them throughout the entire year via Paradise Possible (email travel@paradisepossible.com) with a 10% discount on the accommodation, maximum flexibility regarding the journey and a number of benefits along the way. If instead you need more time, please wait for the following letters of the alphabet to appear. We hope that at some point to surprise you: the road is a long one until we reach Z!


The Paradise Trotter

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