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‘He who plants a garden will sow happiness’

Gardeners of the world must unite to change the appearance of our horizons of green and of the future.

The ‘green’ is our vital, green space, a part of our future and potential happiness.

We’ve met ‘guerrilla gardeners’; green activists who want to change the appearance of the city to contrast the urban decay, who shower seeds upon the flowerbeds and spaces spoilt by cans and flowerings of plastic.
We know  ‘social gardeners’; collectives of citizens that occupy neglected areas of the city and transform them into lush green spaces to be enjoyed by the whole neighbourhood.

These gardening creatives connect with the ideas of philosopher Gilles Clement who described the world and society as neglected, like a third state from which rises a rebellion against the private flowerbeds and the well off who are as soulless as hybrid plants.

And so here we are, with a permanent creative act we invent for ourselves new and vital spaces where we can change the rules of the game. We can construct new collaborations and new way of communicating a potential paradise, with the passion of the silent people who rather than expecting that paradise, instead construct it day by day.

The gardeners of Paradise Possible have always been on the look out for such spaces that become liberated from hybrid occupants with no soul, where they can sew new projects to reconstruct the lost paradise to which everyone will want to return.

We urge those of you who share the same aspirations as us to visit A Suitcase of Dreams to sow the seeds of knowledge about the pleasure of discovering a human landscape with an unforgettable welcoming by proposing new journeys throughout the beautiful places.

The itineraries in A Suitcase of Dreams are the seeds and the fertilizer for the frontier of a possible paradise, crossing open hearts and minds so that we don’t lose the green spaces that belong to us and that every citizen of the world wishes to visit.

We’ve selected the most beautiful green spaces in Le Marche where together with you we can open up A Suitcase of Dreams to get know Le Marche as it reveals hidden places and beauty.

We have chosen corners of Eden in places that will inspire your amazement, places - situated in the comfort of a fresh summer under the hinterland hills and far from the mad crowd of the coast - to listen to the poetry of Itineraries of Love and learn about our land whilst raising up a goblet of wine towards the sky to toast such charm.

The Book of portrayals of Paradise Possible’s Itineraries is already focused on the greenest places in Le Marche, at the hour of sunset with an exclusive welcome and the taste of a refined menu for all the guests who’ll have booked it.

“Beauty will save the world” stated Dostoevsky and if you think hard about every time we find ourselves in the presence of enchanting places, uncontaminated nature, works of art, sublime music and poetry, we are always better for it. We feel infinitely satisfied, happy and proud to belong to the human race.

To do our bit in the world we need to demand a better place, it’s futile to resist since we are guided by a primary urgency, by the eternal nostalgia of that famous Garden of Eden from where we were thrown out at the beginning of the world, a place of delicacies, a paradise lost that we have always dreamed of regaining.

And higher than that wall a circling row

Of goodliest trees, loaden with fairest fruit

Paradise Lost – J. Milton

Main Office, 3 Luglio 2011


The Editor of Paradise Possible

© Paradise Possible Communication


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