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09/05/2011  RssIcon

There is a joke that every so often people tease me with, “You're so far ahead at Paradise Possible, that if you turn back you see the future! "

When I look back I see that 12 wonderful years have passed, travelling across a land of people so real, so 'indigenous' and it is this that has attracted every tourist and every visitor that Paradise Possible has accompanied throughout this time. With an average of 10 visitors a week (5 couples with families), 50 per month, 700 per year, 7000 in 10 years we have promoted a region previously unknown, encouraging people to visit Le Marche by advertising the region with promotions such as “paradise can be attained” and advertising initiatives in Europe and the USA, not only via the website www.paradisepossible.com, but also in the press and at international exhibitions.

After this analysis of numbers it’s essential to recognize that Paradise Possible has triggered a large effect from their communications network, in addition to always having great potential in promoting offers, being the only site online that acts as a vehicle for international promotions, making visible our network of contacts to all citizens of the world, travellers with their suitcase of dreams who can use our knowledge to construct their perfect itinerary based on their interests.

At the centre of all this time that we’ve been “open” to the world, with a democratic project and participation, we have invited all relevant institutions who have a responsibility and political interest in tourism and culture, to set up the appropriate strategies for the success of a region such as Le Marche.

We have involved a whole array of “responsible" bodies to ensure the success of Tourism Possible in a territory in which we have created a brand that has become the front office online "Le Marche, a paradise possible," an essential search engine for the paradise of every user because it’s this region that has the largest specialist resource of tourism.

Le Marche possesses a wealth of resources such as in its friendly welcoming of tourists Where to Stay, as well as in its excellent production of Food & Wine, also its charming and attractive routes Passions & Places, and finally, as the historian Sergio Anselmi, writing on the historic and rural origins of our region, (Museum of History and Sharecropping – Senigallia) said, visitors who love Italy have the possibility to realize their dreams and discover the richness of the region and see that it is possible to stop and to live, to work, to study and to grow and rebuild in this agricultural area through Country Homes in the lovely rolling hills, between the mountains and sea.

At Paradise Possible we have always embraced this never-ending project and we are always on the road, from north to south, always on the move, inviting one to share and remember that like the maiden “Il Sabato del Villaggio”, having this unique possibility at life, we shouldn’t waste energy and remain silent in the face of other people's mistakes. We can work together, talking and reversing the effects of these errors.

Or la squilla dà segno
Della festa che viene;
Ed a quel suon diresti
Che il cor si riconforta

(Now the bells are witness to the coming holiday – you would say the heart might take comfort from the sound)

This is what they say about us every time, in different ways and with a heart full of gratitude, after having travelled through the paradise possible, Le Marche:

It is not possible to express our thanks for your efforts related to our visit to Le Marche and we look forward to our return visits. As we explained, this is our first trip, the beginning of our efforts to see if there was a place for us one day to relocate to Italy. Mark and Giselle

I promise that at the press conference at the end of the year, the editors of Paradise Possible will invite you to celebrate our success in the preparation of new plans for the future.

The road is long and difficult, but only for those who don’t believe, we can tell you because we see everyday, that each visitor to this region is fascinated, and we remind ourselves that he has seen with his own eyes a paradise possible and has found on this earth a land that is simply amazing "a wonder".

Altro dirti non vo'; ma la tua festa
Ch'anco tardi a venir non ti sia grave.

(I’ll say nothing more, let it not grieve you if your holiday, like mine, is slow to arrive)

[Il sabato del villaggio di Giacomo Leopardi
Recanati, 29 giugno 1798 – Napoli, 14 giugno 1837]


A wonderful day awaits us!


Grazia Grazi, Editor of Paradise Possible

© Paradise Possible Communication


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