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05/05/2011  RssIcon

If I had to think of a character that best represented the typical frequenter of the BIT (Borsa Internazionale del Turismo - International Tourism Exchange), which took place in Milan on 17th to 20th February, it would be that of a rather determined Pacman. One who frantically goes round all the stands of the various countries of the world gobbling up information, and filling its trolley with ideas of India, Singapore, Mexico, Montenegro and ... Le Marche and its new proposed way of travelling which involves the Five Senses Itineraries whereby the traveller can express himself through his five senses.

The multi-sensory itineraries are composed of three routes, one for North, Central and South Marche. Each one of which includes five proposals of experience, representing each of the senses. The idea of an all encompassing holiday which takes care of the traveller, stimulating all the various channels we use in order to get to know an area, yet without imposing any rigid itinerary, was our starting point as an idea, as well of course as being our mission statement. Our aim is to help you spend your time in the region in an articulate and profound way that leaves you with special memories of a journey that becomes a life lived. With this in mind, we have also added to the proposed activities a range of guesthouses and B & Bs, specially chosen by Paradise Possible, where you can enjoy a more pleasurable stay without any restrictions.

The amazing thing is that our tours are in harmony with the 'tourist philosophy' that the Marche Region promoted in Milan and with the many productive realities that it has deployed (which, may I add, would appear appropriate to mention given that the stands at the BIT exhibition resembled Roman centurian camps, all in black and orange). Marche also had its own “outpost” at BIT, which also in fact proposed a small multi-sensory journey such as walking on the damp earth of a wood and breathing in its deep smells, or sinking your feet into the fine sand, soaked with sun and sea breeze.

Each day of the exhibition was dedicated to one or more of the senses and the Marche activities which best represented them. The Association “Friends of The Ceramics of Urbania”, for example, the indisputable star of the morning in Milan and dedicated to the sense of touch, can be found in our Northern Itinerary which offers the opportunity to attend a short course in ceramics, not to be missed.

For those of us at Paradise Possible, the starting point has to be the traveller, the traveller and his tastes. From this we’re then ideally positioned to make a proposal and become ambassadors for our region. Our multisensory itineraries are like an unexpected yet fitting gift, one that can be adapted to suit the individual’s needs. Whether it be expanding or reducing the itinerary, we’re here to offer advice, afterall, it’s your holiday.


The Paradise Trotter

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