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Blue fish Laboratories

As blue as the sea” is an unmissable date for your diary , for those who really want to discover Italian Fish Cooking. Four intense days dedicated to “Bluefish” together with great chefs who will share with you the fresh fish caught in the Adriatic Sea. And the sardines, anchovies, mackerels and mullets are at the centre of the "Laboratories of the Bluefish ", which is held in Senigallia from April 27th to 30th 2010.

Designed as an initiative of education to taste, the “laboratories” are the opportunity to get to know the many fish species caught in the Adriatic Sea. Fish experts will let you know all the secrets of “Bluefish”: Where, how and in which periods of the year Bluefish is caught, and then, how to turn it into a real and proper gourmet dish. 

The schedule of “Azzurro come il mare” includes three cooking school days in the Hoteliers' Institute "A. Panzini" in Senigallia, where the chefs Vittorio Serritelli and Massimo Bomprezzi will hold cooking lessons every day. During the lessons, dishes of the great Italian Fish Cooking will be prepared, by chowing the preparation, cookin and dish presentation techniques. The tasting of the dishes will take place at the end of each lesson. The participants of the course will be given a cookbook in English of the dishes proposed during the cookery workshops.
The schedule will come to its end with a day dedicated to the wonderful hills of the Marche Region by visiting the Verdicchio wine-cellars - a superior quality white wine, which is well served with our fish dishes – and the small producers of extra virgin olive oil, salami and cheese, that have made the quality of our cooking a prestigious one. 

This is an unmissable event! For this proposal  the “Laboratories of the Bluefish” the Town Administration of Senigallia has studied a specific tourist proposal including a stay of 5 days / 4 nights in 3 and 4 star hotels with the possibility to choose between B&B and half-board service. The cooking courses and the visit to the wine cellars of Verdicchio are included in the tourist offer.
Travel and stay costs in Senigallia are not included in the tourist offer (this is a land only package). 

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights  
“A” LINE – Hotels ***   € 136.00 B&B    -  € 168.00 Half Board

“B” LINE – Hotels ***   € 168.00 B&B    -  € 200.00 Half Board 

“C” LINE – Hotels ****  € 200.00 B&B  -    € 260.00 Half Board 

“D” LINE – Hotels ****  € 240.00 B&B  -    € 320.00 Half Board 
Rates are intended per person for the whole stay, with double room accommodation, excluding drinks 

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