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Confettura Mela Cotogna e Sapa by Si.Gi.

Confettura Mela Cotogna e Sapa by Si.Gi.


Quince is one of the oldest known fruit plants: it was cultivated 4,000 years ago by the people of Babylon and amongst the Greeks it was considered a sacred fruit to the Goddess Venus. The fruit was considered as being amongst the healthiest until the 17th century, whether for its astringent qualities or it acting as an antidote for poison. It is no longer cultivated at an industrial level since it is no longer in demand in the market place, so much so that its been entered in the SeedSaver directory, an organisation which takes action in order to save ancient seeds.
Apple quince contains sugar, malic acid and tannins. It contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B and C and is also rich in fibre; however it doesn’t offer a particularly nice taste when eaten raw and for that reason it’s eaten as a very thick jam such as that of the producer Si.Gi. Rediscovering an old Macerata recipe, Sapa is added as a superior alternative to the usual balsamic vinegars. It is obtained through boiling the grape must for several hours, enriching the jam and offering delicious sensations to the palate, thus creating the ideal accompaniment to capon, polenta appetizers and other such foods according to your taste. 
From the passion of the producers a range of colours is born, perfectly designed to enrich the dishes of those with a creative flair in the kitchen, keen to explore past traditions. The ethos of producers “Si.Gi”, is to bring back and appreciate the fruits previously used in Marche gastronomic traditions, stepping back to days gone by using traditional cooking methods which recapture the process for making home made jams which retain all the nutritional properties.
Si Gi produces the mulberries organically, adhering to ISO certificate 9001, which respects the seasonal nature of the fruit. No thickening agents or preservatives are used, not even natural substances.
Both the consistency and density of the product are obtained through the various cooking methods, this involves a very low quantity per kg of the fruit thereby offering a quantity of vitamins and mineral salts for every 100g of the product, beyond comparison to other produce.

Ingredients: quince, lemon, sugar, sapa(must)
Suitable for: vegetarian
unit 220g
price €6.70