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Welcome to the Editor's Mailbox for The Experts!

This is the central point of contact if you seek expert advice and can't find the answer in The Experts section.  If you have queries such as, for example:

  • How do I go about buying and restoring a property, or getting an Italian tax code or opening a bank account in Le Marche?
  • My project requires different services, and I need somebody who can help me put together and manage the whole thing. Please advise.
  • I know which service I need, but can't choose from whom, or need somebody closer to my area.  Can you help? 

simply ask the Editor at editor@paradisepossible.comor write to one of our specialist teams with your requirements.  We will answer as soon as possible,or put you in direct contact with the right Expert for your needs.

The Editor and the Paradise Possible Homes Team are also the central contacts for all services related to properties displayed on www.paradisepossible.com on behalf of the Paradise Possible Network, such as Property Search, Property Information and Arrange a Visit. 

Tell us about your dream in Le Marche
and we'll help you make it happen
all the way through!


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