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A place in the sun with a photovoltaic system means enjoying the sun with the pleasant feeling of being able to produce one’s own-made electricity

Studio Agas Srl – Solar and more
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 4
60037 Monte San Vito (An)
Le Marche – Italy
Contacts :
Maurizio Servadio
Allegrezza Giulietti Andrea 
Allegrezza Giulietti Alessandro
T +39 071 7489105
F +39 071 7489105
DL +39 347 0658234 (Maurizio)
DL +39 338 4998246 (Andrea)
E-Mail :
Web-Site: www.studioagas.com

Andrea and Alessandro have started, together with their partner Maurizio Servadio of the Studio Agas- Solar and more - a new business for the sale and installation of CIS solar panels, with the mission of energy saving and quality of life, promoting the most adequate technology in the full respect of the environment.

The protection of the environment by saving money on energy bills represents a goal and a deep-seated reality to put into practice on a short-term base, starting from the territory in which we live.

The STUDIO AGAS Srl is highly specialized in technologies for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources, in particular from solar energy. 

The energy saving expert, Mr. Maurizio Servadio, is the professional reference person together with Andrea and Alessandro. 

The Studio Agas srl is responsible for the diffusion of this new technology and dealer for central Italy on behalf of the firm Wurth Solar, which produce new-generation solar panels, conceived to exploit sunlight at best. 

Where the energy is generated by virtue of solar radiation, an exposure to long-lasting direct sunlight is no more required, since a scattered light is enough to produce a greater deal of energy. 

This is especially true under those conditions considered as non-optimal for conventional panels.

With Maurizio, Andrea and Alessandro you can contact too  Kathleen responsible for PR activities of both clients and providers, contributing to bring to fruition all the projects of the Building Firm together with the Studio Tecnico and Studio Agas..

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