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Riccardo Bucci Architetto

After getting a university diploma in Industrial Design in 2001, Riccardo Bucci is awarded a master’s degree cum laude in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of Ascoli Piceno in 2006.  Before entering the profession in 2007, he collaborates on several projects with architectural and engineering firms.  Since the opening of his own studio in 2008, he has been active in a wide range of projects as diverse as residential buildings, public services, commercial property, social and health care structures, plus a number of exhibitions for cultural events.  The studio led by architect Riccardo Bucci is composed of a team of young professionals – all architects - operating in the world of architecture and coming from different experiences and cultural backgrounds.  Its profile is that of an enterprising, emerging reality within the Italian professional landscape, ready to face with courage the challenges of modernity.  At the basis of the studio’s planning skills and vision is its attention to new technologies and eco-sustainability, and to their integration with local traditions, as required by a territory with such variety and richness in heritage and landscapes as Le Marche.  There's no limit to the possibilities of integration between different disciplines, always with innovative and unexpected architectural results.  Revisiting traditional architectural typologies is a constant theme in residential planning, as is the re-use of materials from local building traditions.  The integration of new technologies inside the buildings is always recommended and incentivised, as it doesn’t affect the final aesthetic result; and modernity is the distinctive trait of every project, be that a restoration of an old farmhouse or a new building.  The use of new technologies is also reflected on construction techniques:  after numerous experiences, the studio is able to provide competent advice on both traditional techniques and the most innovative constructions in wood and steel, with all the consequent advantages of the latter in terms of speed of realization and precise costing from early planning stage. 
Through the architecture of their interiors, each of those houses tells us of how a combination of histories, needs and constraints is transformed into the ‘good adventure’ of a well-balanced project, at the same time sharply defined and wide open to memories and emotions. It is the moment of the mutual respect between the creativity of the architect and the creativity of everyday’s life.  And everyday’s life - with its many needs centred on the home – must be the starting point and the stimulus for an ongoing, ever positive reflection on design and how to realise wellness in the home. Balance and awareness of reality between past and future coincide with a quality of architecture which is both distinctive and exemplary in its being rooted in - and in harmony with - the territory, its landscape and its rural heritage. (*) 

(*) For more information please contact Paradise Possible: 
Riccardo Bucci Architetto 
Via Brodolini 26
60031 Castelplanio (An)
Le Marche – Italy 
T +39 0731 813068
DL +39 340 2395663

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