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A place in the sun in Le Marche with Alessandro Allegrezza Giulietti & Co.

Impresa Edile Allegrezza Giulietti Alberto
Via Vallone, 2/B
60037 Monte San Vito (An)
Le Marche – Italy

Contacts :
Alessandro Allegrezza Giulietti
Kathleen Goossenaerts
T +39 071 7489105
F +39 071 7489105
DL +39 338 8925979 (Alessandro)
DL +39 339 8990911 (Kathleen)
E-Mail :

The Allegrezza Giulietti Alberto Building Firm  has been constructing, restoring and renewing houses for 40 years. 

The founder of this firm, Alberto, still actively collaborates in all the open building yards. Today, the business is in the hands of his sons Alessandro and Andrea. 

The Allegrezza Giulietti family has contributed with engagement and passion for beauty, to make this firm a synonym of quality.

Each work is carried out by a team of specialized workers under the coordination of the firm’s owners. 

The Allegrezza Giulietti Alberto Building Firm has managed to melt new building technologies with the local building tradition of Le Marche, by using recovered materials and adopting traditional techniques. 

The firm is specialized in conservative restoration .By trusting Allegrezza Giulietti your property will keep its characteristics unchanged and harmonized to the ex-novo interventions, carried out in the respect of the local tradition. 

The ability to recuperate old “vaults” is a building tradition, almost lost nowadays, which has been revived by the Allegrezza Giulietti Alberto Building Firm, as guarantee of the respect for the rural architectural tradition of Le Marche.

Barrel vaults, cross vaults, sail vaults are amongst the most interesting elements in the old architectural history of Le Marche. 

This firm provides for all the typologies, from restoration to ex-novo constructions. It has achieved stunning results in interpreting and carrying out works of restoration, as for instance old stables turned into taverns, or big living rooms overlooking the surrounding lawn. 

Thanks to the collaboration with local craftsmen, repository of ancient working techniques, this firma is able to propose a complete offer. 

Alessandro and Andrea prefer to define their service as a made-to-measure service and not a turnkey service. 

In fact they can trust in a solid network of reliable collaborators, from the blacksmith to the mosaicist and the fresco painter, in order to fulfill all the customer’s dreams. 

Alessandro first organise a guided tour of his ongoing building yards and completed works. Some of the most remarkable examples are the Casale Montefiore in Monsano and the Casale sul mare in Montemarciano, the first one representing an open yard and the second one being at the final stage of the work

Looking at those two farmhouses, it is possible to verify that the constructor art is oriented to the recovery of the carrying structure, of those materials and spaces of humble peasant tradition. 

Allegrezza Giulietti Alberto will emphasize the splendour of the old underground and suface architecture, to fulfill any housing dream. 

Together with Andrea and Alessandro, another member of our team, Kathleen, “marchigiana” for passion, is responsible for PR activities of both clients and providers, contributing to bring to fruition all the projects of the Building Firm together with the Studio Tecnico and Studio Agas.


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