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Regini & Crocetti

Geometra Regini

Head office: GEOM. S. REGINI
Studio Tecnico Associato

Viale Aurelio Zonghi 21
Telephone: +39 0732 22978
E-mail mail@paradisepossible.com

With more than twenty years of experience the Studio Tecnico Associato Regini e Crocetti has worked in the construction industry, overseeing projects for commercial and industrial sites as well as urban housing , including cadastral and topographic plans and general estimates.


The staff is made up of the two partners, both surveyors , Sergio Regini and Riccardo Crocetti who share the work with four other technicians: Traballoni Sesto, Cofani Simone, Ruggeri Alberto and Crocetti Alessandro.


The group has gained a reputation for the calm and professional manner in which it carries out its work as well as for its innovative and avantguard ideas aided by up- to-date information technology.


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