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A place in the sun in Le Marche with Andrea Allegrezza Giulietti & Co.

Studio Tecnico
Geometra Allegrezza Giulietti Andrea
Piazza Aldo Moro 2
60037 Monte San Vito (An)
Le Marche – Italy

Allegrezza Giulietti Andrea
T +39 071 7489105
DL +39 338 4998246
E-Mail :

Mr. Andrea Allegrezza Giulietti is a young surveyor who loves his job and is fond of the places in which he lives and works. 

Andrea is proud of his restoration works on farmhouses and abandoned old barns

Once transformed into new countryside dwellings, they become special places where their inhabitants can reinvent their life. 

Mr.Allegrezza Giulietti will let you solve all the questions concerning the purchase and renovation of a farmhouse. 

Andrea will help you pinpoint all the problems about the real conditions of the selected building and carry out a survey on the parcel of land in which it is situated. 

Also relying upon  the collaboration of the Allegrezza Giulietti Alberto Building Firm, after dispelling all your doubts Andrea will help you assess and draw up a renovation costs budget, with the possibility of supervising the whole process of restoration. 

At his Studio Tecnico in Monte San Vito, Andrea Allegrezza Giulietti counts on the collaboration of the Alberto Allegrezza Giulietti Property Development, managed by his brother Alessandro, specialized in Building & Renovation services.

Together with Andrea and Alessandro, another member of our team, Kathleen, “marchigiana” for passion, is responsible for PR activities of both clients and providers, contributing to bring to fruition all the projects of the Studio Tecnico and Building Firm. 

Moreover, together with their partner Maurizio Servadio of the Studio Agas -Solar and more-, Andrea and Alessandro have started  a new business for the sale and installation of CIS solar panels, with the mission of energy saving and quality of life, promoting the most adequate technology in the full respect of the environment. 

Andrea Allegrezza Giulietti follows each one of these aspects with his collaborators Alessandro and Kathleen,as well as other experts in the fields of customer service, planning, renovation and research for quality of materials

With a broad experience in this sector and his sense of beauty, Andrea has started interesting synergies with local artists and craftsmen as for wrought iron, frescos and artistic carpentry.

Andrea and all the staff of the Allegrezza Giulietti Group will guide you into the creation of a restoration plan, helping you manage the different issues connected to the project and all the related administrative tasks for any of the properties appearing on the Paradise Possible website.

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