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19/09/2011  RssIcon

If you search for the word possibility in the dictionary (I found mine in Devoto-Oli), you will find the following definitions:

1. Something that refers to the area of abstract or concrete supposition.

2. Potential, faculty, condition or opportunity relating to the achievement of a goal.

3. A future prospect or potential (often plural).

Let’s try to check then if Paradise Possible, which has laid its foundations upon the word possibility, suitably interprets these three semantic camps:

1. At some point or other everyone hates their own life and wants to be somewhere that they can build a new one by choosing its rhythm and principal ingredients. Many people don’t detest their lives but nevertheless they’d like a radical change in their prospects, made up of fresh stimulus and new knowledge. Only some people follow through with these desires. It will be down to ties that are difficult to distance oneself from, even if they’re only geographical; it will be because of a fear of simply not knowing; or it will be due to a kind of inertia that grips you when you understand that a dream is easier to realise than you think and that all it takes is a little courage, but in the end everything gets bogged down in the mire of ‘could have been but wasn’t’. There are the dreamers though, like Maggie or Jane and Ian, who had the courage and are now happy. The instrument through which their courage materialised into action, through which the ‘abstract suggestion’ became a ‘concrete’ one, is in fact, Paradise Possible.

2. Chagall said that we never transfer onto paper what we see, but rather what we already possess inside ourselves. The principle of Paradise Possible is similar to the painter’s idea: your dreams can come true because you already have what it takes: passions. Paradise Possible invites you to follow them and give them concrete shape, because realising your dreams is possible.

3. As for future prospects, the best thing is to offer you a taste of some of the small, potential paradises spread throughout Le Marche, houses which in your hands could for you become the place ‘where love resides’:


Complesso Collestefano, Castelraimondo. Situated upon one of the most beautiful hills in the Verdicchio di Matelica area, it was once the holiday residence of clergymen. It’s made up of three houses that measure 1,000 m2 in total (the main structures are built of stone and come with fully equipped cellars), and there’s also the opportunity to acquire the complex in its entirety. One ‘ecological house’ is immediately available to be lived in. As well as the private house, the structure is also used as a health centre, a training centre and an organic farm shop.


Casale Fonte Fresca, Vallemontagnana. Immersed in greenery, it looks out onto a mountain view that changes with the seasons and is lit up by the sunset that eclipses it every evening. Recently renovated, it’s exclusive and very elegant as well as being accessible. The interior of the farmhouse has been set up as a successful B&B, which with an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity is the perfect place for art classes, yoga workshops and recitals.


Old Mill Pam, Camerino. Being close to the old university city of Camerino means that location possesses a fortunate combination of rural and urban life. The house itself is particularly fascinating because it’s an old mill that has been partially renovated. The building is used as a country home, but has the capabilities to be turned into accommodation to welcome tourists in search of serenity, especially considering the isolated position that distinguishes the rural houses in the Camerino area.


Villa Sibillina, Pievetorina. The ideal place for mountain lovers given its closeness to Visso, the site of the Sibillini Mountains National Park which is where the house takes its name from. This old palace, which lies in the historic centre of Pievetorina, has been completely renovated with all the modern comforts, defining it as a residence for all seasons. It has a beautiful garden and because of the constant flow of tourists in the Sibillini region it’s used as a successful B&B.

During your stay in Le Marche (perhaps with the Amore or Armonia Itineraries) - which can be booked with a 10% discount on the accommodation through our website or via the email address travel@paradisepossible.com - the Paradise Possible team will be at your disposal, having visited the many paradisial hideaways that the greenery of our region guards as hidden pearls.


What do you think? Are we right to have made the word ‘possibility’ our flagship word? Let us know your thoughts by leaving us your comments.


The Paradise Trotter

© Paradise Possible Communication


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Re: Paradise Possible and a ‘possible’ taste of its properties

Collestefano looks fantastic! It is also in one of my favourite areas in Le Marche, between Matelica and Camerino. Beautiful countryside, Verdicchio DOC and one of the most ancient universities in Europe. I had in mind to set up an 'active' country resort, where guests are involved in farming and wine-making activities, plus cooking of course. It looks like the perfect place. Can you help? Julian

By Julian Moore on   26/09/2011

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